Please take a few minutes to learn the story behind #guitarsthatcare

So what is #guitarsthatcare? It is a way we educate, give back, and help others and their families the way our friends helped us care for our son.


What does that mean? Cindy is a Grief, Addiction, and Recovery Coach. She is often asked to speak to groups, churches, companies, she has been interviewed by local news media. She shares the story of our family in hopes we will see an end to the stigma, that contributed to the despair ending in an accidental overdose of our son. We amazing build guitars in memory of Erik. We give away 100% of the profits from the T-shirts and 10% of the retail of every guitar.  Yes...We Give It Away.!!!

Using what we know how to do to fight this battle. 


In May 2018 we launched the #guitarsthatcare giveaway. 


What do we hope will happen?

  • We hope that more people will follow our lead.

  • We hope that more people will not have to walk this journey alone.

  • We hope to remove the stigma for people who are battling an illness that is trying to kill them.

  • We hope that the resources from #guitarsthatcare will provide much needed aftercare services. 

  • We hope epic survival stories from amazing creative people will be told. 


Taking care to build guitars that will be used to inspire stories you share through your music. At the same time, partner to care for individuals and their families that are on the frontlines fighting trauma, mental illness, and addiction.