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May 1....launching #guitarsthatcare

May 1 will be 4 years since we got the news no one ever wants to hear. The battle against an illness that wanted him dead was a painful journey Erik and our family. His death was devastating for his sister Chloe and for us as parents. This May 1st looks different. We are all in!!!

The last 4 years we have been sharing our story and working hard to bring hope to people and families who often walk this road in alone. Our dream is to bring support and care to those who are feeling shattered by this epidemic. The needs are great for those battling trauma, mental illness, and addiction. The needs are great for their families.

#guitarsthatcare is all about working hard to bring care and hopefully bring the stories to the light. Cindy and I lost 3 parents in a 16 month period. That loss is hard. What is also hard is to see the contrast in the care our parents received through hospice and how Erik suffered and so many others suffer everyday with no resources. We want to bring change to this for others. The stigma around trauma of all kinds and various mental disorders no longer needs to exist.

What if that stigma is a big part of the epidemic.

What if caring for people could bring change.

What if we helped in ways that are outside of the current insurance/big pharma nightmare.

What if resources supported alternative ways to provide care.

What if we took time to think outside the box.

What if we truly looked at how losing 174 people a day to overdose (not to mention the loss of life from mental illness and trauma) will impact our future.

We hope you will join us in making a difference. #eriksepiclife